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When discussing the intended meaning of the terminology used in this Zoning Code, the following rules shall be observed:
1. Words and phrases shall have the meanings respectively ascribed to them unless the context clearly indicates otherwise. Terms not defined in this Code shall have their standard English dictionary meanings.
2. Words denoting the masculine gender shall be deemed to include every person and all genders.
3. Words used in the present tense shall include the future tense.
4. Words used in the singular number shall include the multiple tense.
5. The term "shall" is always mandatory; the term "may" is permissive.
6. The words "abutting," "adjacent," and "contiguous" shall be synonymous.
7. All distances shall be measured to the nearest integral foot or inch.
8. When the term "day" is used in this Code, it shall mean calendar day unless specifically noted otherwise.
9. References to Sections shall be deemed to include all Subsections within that Section; but a reference to a particular Subsection designates only that Subsection.
10. A general term that follows or is followed by enumerations of specific terms shall not be limited to the enumerated class unless expressly limited.