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Subdivision Regulations
Boundary Adjustment Plat Boundary Adjustment Plats that meet the following criteria are exempt from the provisions of this Chapter pertaining to Major... Minor Subdivision Plat Minor Subdivision Plats are not required to comply with the sketch Plat or Preliminary Plat provisions of this Chapter. Instances When Subdivision Plats Will Not Be Required The provisions of these regulations do not apply and no Subdivision Plat is required in any of the following instances Sketch Plan Prior to submitting a Preliminary Plat, a Subdivider may submit to the Director a sketch plan for the tract. Preliminary Plat The Preliminary Plat is to provide a map of a proposed Subdivision that indicates the character and layout of the Property in... Final Plat The Final Plat provides a final record of the Subdivision and related improvements Improvement Plans The Improvement Plans detail the construction and types of materials to be used in conjunction with the development of the Su... Improvement Guarantees After Improvement Plans approval and all inspection fees paid, but before approval of the Final Plat, the Subdivider shall gu... Subdivision Indentures In any case where the establishment improvements requires continuous maintenance, a Trust Indenture shall be established and ... Inspections Of Subdivisions During Construction; Permits. The Director and/or the City's engineering consultant shall make periodic inspections of the Subdivision improvements during ... Minimum Development Standards. In the design of each Subdivision the Subdivider shall conform to the principles and standards of land Subdivision that will ...