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Site Plan Review
A. Purpose. This Article sets forth Site Plan Review requirements, processes, and review standards for all new Structures, additions, or certain Structural Alterations within the City, except as provided in Subsection (B) below. All applications for Site Plan Review shall be filed with the Community Development Department to be submitted to the Commission for review and recommendations and to the Board.
B. Exceptions. Unless otherwise provided for within this Code, Site Plan Review is not required for the following:
1. Single-Family or Two-Family Dwellings and associated Accessory Buildings, Structures, or Uses.
2. Exterior Building remodels, including, but not limited to, new or replacement roofs, windows, Facade materials (Facade), doors and dock doors, where the Building Height and/or Gross Floor Area of the Building is not altered.
3. Signage (see Section 430.350).
4. New and replacement Decks, canopies, awnings, Patios, Porches, sidewalks, stairs, and dock ramps.
5. Driveway or Off-Street Parking Area resurfacing, replacement, or expansions.
6. Retaining Walls under eight (8) feet in height.
7. Interior remodels and finishes.
8. Accessory Buildings, Structures, or Uses under two hundred (200) square feet and associated with a Non-Residential Use.
This exception to Site Plan Review set forth above does not exempt those activities from other applicable requirements of this Code nor from obtaining all necessary permits.
C. Off-Site Considerations. The Site Plan must be reviewed to understand how it will affect the surrounding development area, its spin-off development, traffic congestion, adjacent parcels, pavements, and lot size.
D. Application Submission Requirements For Site Plan Review. An application for Site Plan Review shall be submitted on forms prescribed for this purpose by the Director, along with the application fee in accordance with Addendum A. Said application may be filed by any person submitting proof of a financial, contractual, or proprietary interest in the Property to be developed according to the submitted Site Plan.
E. Site Plan Requirements. As applicable to the application, a Site Plan with sufficient information for the Director to review the application with the requirements of this Code shall be included with the application, which may include:
1. North directional device and plan scale.
2. Location, size, and use of each Building on the Lot.
3. All required Setbacks and Buffer Areas.
4. Elevation renderings, including Building Height and Facade materials.
5. Dimensions of the Lot and Lot Area.
6. Location of all existing trees over six-inch caliper.
7. Location and type of any proposed landscape materials.
8. Location, general design, and width of Driveways, curb cuts, and sidewalks.
9. Existing and proposed site grades at a minimum of two (2) feet contour intervals. If a site has less than five (5) feet of elevation change, one (1) foot contours shall be required; contour lines shall extend fifty (50) feet off site.
10. An erosion and stormwater runoff control plan.
11. Location, dimensions, and number of Off-Street Parking and Loading Spaces (see Chapter 430, Article I).
12. Location and Screening material of trash enclosures (see Section 425.210).
13. Location and illumination levels of Off-Street Parking Area lighting standards in accordance with Section 430.110.
14. Existing and proposed on-site utilities including stormwater collection and detention, gas, electricity, cable service and telephone lines, or substations.
15. Visual representation, location, and dimensions of Signs when Sign plan is submitted in conjunction with Site Plan Review under Section 430.350.
16. A photometric plan for any proposed Off-Street Parking Areas (see Chapter 430, Article I).
F. The Director may waive the requirement for a Site Plan or information required thereon or on the application upon written request of the Applicant and a finding by the Director that based on the specific facts of the application such information would not be necessary to review the application for compliance with this Code.
Application Materials
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Site Plan Review Application Packet