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Boundary Adjustment Plat
A. Purpose. Boundary Adjustment Plats that meet the following criteria are exempt from the provisions of this Chapter pertaining to Major Subdivisions. A Boundary Adjustment Plat may be submitted when:
1. The total number of Lots is not increased;
2. The resultant Lots conform to all applicable regulations;
3. The establishment of new Streets or access easements is not required; and
4. A hardship for the future Development is not created.
B. Submission Requirements.
1. An application for Boundary Adjustment Plat shall be submitted on forms prescribed for this purpose by the Director along with the application fee in accordance with Addendum A.
2. Boundary Adjustment Plat applications shall be accompanied by a Final Plat signed and sealed by a professional engineer or registered surveyor licensed in the State of Missouri. The Final Plat shall include an adequate legal description of the boundaries or the original Lots and of the adjusted Lots.
3. Adjusted Lots shall meet all applicable requirements of the Zoning Code.
C. Review Procedure.
1. The Board shall have approval authority over Boundary Adjustment Plats, without recommendation by the Commission.
2. If no action is taken within sixty (60) days of a completed application as determined by the Director, the Board shall notify the Subdivider in writing the reason for the extended time to review such application.
D. Boundary Adjustment Plat Approval.
1. Once approval is granted by the Board, the Subdivider shall submit one (1) copy of the approved Final Plat drawn in permanent black ink on Mylar to the Community Development Department in addition to two (2) paper copies. The Final Plats shall be signed by the Director and the City Clerk. However, no Final Plats shall be signed until all conditions of approval have been met. One (1) paper copy and (1) Mylar of the signed Final Plat shall be returned to the Subdivider. The Commission shall maintain one (1) paper copy and associated documents on file.
2. The Subdivider shall be responsible for recording the Boundary Adjustment Plat with the Recorder of Deeds within sixty (60) days after the signing of the Final Plat and return two (2) paper copies of the Recorded Plat to the City. If any Recorded Plat is not filed within this period, the approval shall expire.
3. The recording of the Boundary Adjustment Plat will permit only the conveyance of the approved Lots. No building permit or certificate of occupancy shall be issued except in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 435, Article I.
Application Materials
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Boundary Adjustment Application