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Sketch Plan
Prior to submitting a Preliminary Plat, a Subdivider may submit to the Director a sketch plan for the tract. Although not required, sketch plan submission allows the Director to provide input on the merits and feasibility of the proposed Subdivision to the Subdivider in advance of the Preliminary Plat submission.

Submission Requirements. The following items shall be indicated on the sketch plan:
1. The name, address, and telephone number of the Subdivider.
2. Names of owners of all property adjoining the subject Lot(s).
3. The locator number, zoning, acreage, graphic scale, north arrow, location map, and date.
4. The name, address, seal, and signature of the preparer.
5. Location and length of existing and proposed Lot Lines and the number of proposed Lots.
6. Existing and proposed Streets and easements within and adjacent to the subject Property, including pavement materials and widths.
7. Contours and five-foot intervals.
8. Where applicable, the location of all watercourses, including lakes and ponds, within two hundred (200) feet and/or any 100-year floodplain and the floodway.
9. The location of existing and proposed water lines, sanitary sewer lines and storm drainage lines, and Structures.

Review Procedure. The Director shall review and evaluate the sketch plan as soon as practical and report the feasibility of the Subdivision contemplated by the sketch plan to the Subdivider.