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Improvement Plans
The Improvement Plans detail the construction and types of materials to be used in conjunction with the development of the Subdivision.

Submission Requirements.
1. The Subdivider shall submit five (5) sets of Improvement Plans based on the Preliminary Plat approved by the Board to the Director for review.
2. Improvement Plans at a scale of not less than one (1) inch equals one hundred (100) feet, shall include the following:
a. North arrow, graphic scale, and date.
b. Title block showing the name and address of the Subdivider and Subdivider's registered professional engineering firm, as well as the engineer's seal.
c. One (1) or more benchmarks in or near the Subdivision to which the Subdivision is referenced.
d. List of standards and specifications followed for items and operations of construction that appear in the Improvement Plans.
e. Grading plan indicating existing and proposed contours, grading, and compaction details, and details of protective methods to prevent silt and mud damage to off-site Streets and properties during construction.
f. Street name Signs, stop Signs, and the proposed Subdivision entryway Sign, indicating their location and specifications.
g. Profiles of center-line elevations of all Streets; approximate radii of all curves, lengths of tangents, and central angles of all Streets.
h. Plans and profiles showing the locations and typical cross sections of Street pavements including curbs and gutters, sidewalks, drainage easements, any unpaved grass area between Street edge and sidewalks, fire hydrants, manholes, and catch basins; the location, size, and invert elevations of existing and proposed stormwater drains and sanitary sewers including connections to existing or proposed systems; and the location and size of water lines, gas lines, or other underground utilities, Detention/Retention Area location, size, and hydraulic calculations, and sight distance calculations for all entrance and exit Streets.
i. Natural features within and adjacent to the proposed Subdivision, including any natural resources and other drainage channels, bodies of water, wooded areas, and other significant features. On all watercourses leaving the tract, the directional flow shall be indicated, and for all watercourses entering the tract, the approximate drainage area and watershed name above the point of entry shall be noted.
j. Storm drainage analysis showing drainage data for all watercourses or drainage ways entering and leaving the Plat boundaries. The storm drainage design shall be prepared to demonstrate the proposed system's capability of accommodating not less than the current MSD requirements.
k. Designation of any portion of the Property located with the 100-year flood plain.
l. Landscape and lighting plans.
m. Details of the demolition of existing Structures, when applicable.
3. Improvement Plans shall be accompanied with the following documents:
a. Trust Indentures to be recorded with or on the Final Plat.
b. Street names and numbers obtained from St. Louis County's Department of Revenue, Mapping Division, or other agency with jurisdiction.
c. Written approval of the sanitary and storm sewer systems, indicating approval of plans submitted for review by MSD.
d. Copy of contract with the Missouri American Water Company for water service to all Lots.
e. Certified statement by the Subdivider's engineer of the estimated cost of improvement installation which the Director has approved by initialing the same. This provision is only applicable if the Subdivider intends to install improvements after the Final Plat is approved.
f. Certificate or other proof indicating that all taxes to the last paying tax period have been paid.
g. If the Subdivision fronts on a public Street not owned/maintained by the City, a letter from the public agency stating approval of the proposed access together with any conditions which have been stipulated.

Improvement Plan Review.
1. Sanitary sewer and stormwater plans shall be reviewed and approved by MSD and such sewers shall be designed, constructed, and installed in conformance with MSD regulations.
2. The Director shall review the Improvement Plans to verify that the proposed Subdivision is in conformance with the Preliminary Plat and the City's design standards, and that all required items as provided in Section 440.110(B) above have been provided.
3. The Director may provide copies of the improvements plans to other appropriate City officials, professional consultants, and/other jurisdictional entities for review.

Improvement Plan Approval and Fees.
1. Once all required approvals have been provided and the Director has determined that all applicable provisions of this Chapter have been satisfied, the Director shall sign and date five (5) copies of the Improvement Plans. One (1) signed copy shall be returned to the Subdivider.
2. The Director shall give written notice to the Commission and Board of such approval.
3. Approval of the Improvement Plans shall be effective for one (1) year. No extensions shall be granted without the Subdivider resubmitting plans and the required accompanying documents for reapproval. A filing fee in accordance with Addendum A for Preliminary Plat extension shall be charged for resubmission.
4. The filing fees and deposits set forth in Addendum A shall be paid in anticipation of the City's expenses incurred in processing the application or submission at issue, including, but not limited to, administrative and clerical costs, inspections, costs of title research, surveys, legal, engineering and planning review, cost of traffic and planning consultants employed by the City, publication expenses, expenses of notification to adjoining property owners, expenses of hearings including employing a court reporter, if requested by either the City or the Subdivider, and other investigations deemed necessary by the City. Processing and all other actions related to the application or submittal shall not proceed until the applicable fee is paid in full.
5. In the event the fee or deposit noted are insufficient to pay all such expenses incurred by the City, the Director may document additional costs incurred by the City and request payment of same within thirty (30) days. Processing and all other actions related to the application shall not proceed until such additional sums are paid in full. Any and all unused portions of any additional sums required under this Section shall be refunded to the Subdivider when so requested in writing.