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Inspections Of Subdivisions During Construction; Permits.
1. The Director and/or the City's engineering consultant shall make periodic inspections of the Subdivision improvements during the progress of construction.
2. The Director shall make his inspections as the official representative of the City.
3. A list of required inspections by the City shall be prepared by the Director.
4. The Subdivider shall notify the Director not less than forty-eight (48) hours in advance of required inspections that work is ready for inspection.
5. The Subdivider shall comply with all other inspection requirements of other agencies having jurisdiction within the City if any improvement in the Subdivision is within another agency's jurisdiction.
6. Any minor changes required during the course of construction shall be reviewed by the Director. All major changes, including increases in density, Lot or Street configuration, or proposed open space must be submitted and reviewed for approval by the Commission and Board.
7. All improvements shall be subject to the inspection and final approval of the Director.
8. The City shall be notified in writing five (5) days before any construction begins.
9. The Director shall be notified forty-eight (48) hours prior to any type of blasting, provided all applicable permits for handling of an explosive agent have been reviewed and approved.

Prior to any land disturbance [as defined in the Land Disturbance Code as adopted in Section 500.010(A)(8)] in any Subdivision, a Land Disturbance Permit shall be obtained pursuant to Section 500.010(A)(8).
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