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Final Plat
The Final Plat provides a final record of the Subdivision and related improvements including all of the information on the approved Preliminary Plat such as Streets, water lines, and sanitary and storm sewers, and incorporation of any subsequent changes approved by the City. Final Plat approval may only be requested after either:
1. All improvements have been completed in accordance with the approved Improvement Plans, or
2. A performance guarantee for any uncompleted improvements has been posted in conformance with the requirements set forth in Section 440.120.

Submission Requirements.
1. The Subdivider shall submit an application for Final Plat on application forms prescribed for this purpose by the Director along with application fee in accordance with Addendum A.
2. Copies of the Final Plat in the quantities required shall be submitted including the details and supporting information provided in this Subsection.
3. The submitted Final Plat shall conform to the Preliminary Plat. All minor changes, approved in writing by the Director, must be reported to the Commission before submission to the Board. If the Director determines that the changes are substantive, the revised preliminary plans must be returned to the Commission for review and approval.
4. The following certifications shall be submitted with the Final Plat application:
a. Statement from the Director stating that all Streets and other improvements have been properly installed and constructed in accordance with the approved improvements plans; or stating that an improvement guarantee deposit agreement in accordance with this Code has been executed to ensure the completion of all improvements; and
b. Statement from MSD stating that sanitary and stormwater systems have been properly installed.
5. The Final Plat shall be prepared by a registered engineer or land surveyor at a scale of one (1) inch equals fifty (50) feet in any increments of ten (10) feet from an accurate survey on one (1) or more sheets whose maximum dimensions are thirty-six (36) by forty-two (42) inches. In certain unusual instances where the subdivided area is of unusual size or shape, the Director may permit a variation in the scale or size of the Final Plat. If more than one (1) sheet is required, a key map on sheet No. 1 showing the entire Subdivision at reduced scale shall be provided.
6. The Final Plat shall be executed by the owner and lien holder.
7. The Final Plat shall show and be accompanied by the following information:
a. North arrow and graphic scale.
b. The boundary lines within the outboundary lines of the Subdivision with accurate distances and bearings; also all section, U.S. Survey, and congressional township and range lines; and the boundary lines of municipalities, sewer, and public school districts, and other legally established districts within and the name of or description of any of the same adjacent to or abutting the Subdivision.
c. The lines of all proposed Streets and Alleys with their widths and names.
d. An accurate delineation of any property offered for Dedication to public use.
e. The angle of Intersection of all Streets.
f. The boundary lines of all adjoining Lots and Streets and Alleys with their widths and names.
g. All Lot Lines and an identification system for all Lots.
h. All required Setbacks on a typical Lot and easements or Streets, services, or utilities, with figures showing their dimensions and listing types of uses that are being provided.
i. All dimensions and bearings, both linear and angular, radii and arcs, necessary for locating the boundaries of the Subdivision, Lots, Streets, Alleys, easements, Setbacks, and of any other areas for public or private use. The linear dimensions are to be expressed in feet and decimals of a foot.
j. All survey monuments, together with the descriptions.
k. Area in square feet for each Lot on the Final Plat or a supplemental sheet showing same.
l. Name of Subdivision and description of Property Subdivided, showing its location and area.
m. Certification by a land surveyor who performs the property survey to the effect that the Final Plat represents a survey made by him, and that the locations of all required survey monuments, installed or to be installed, are correctly shown thereon. The month and year during which the survey was made shall also be shown.
n. Trust Indentures and trusteeships where required by the City and their periods of existence. Should such indentures and trusteeships be of such length as to make the lettering of same on Final Plat impracticable and thus necessitate the preparation of a separate instrument, reference to such instrument shall be made on the Final Plat.
o. The Subdivision name approved on the Final Plat shall constitute the Subdivision's official name. When a Subdivision name has been changed, all subsequent Plats submitted for processing shall reference the original name, which should include names recorded on Site Plans. Any other name used for advertising or sales purposes does not constitute an official revised name unless approved on a Recorded Plat approved by the Board.
p. If the Subdivider places restrictions on any Property contained in the Subdivision that is greater than those required by the Zoning Code or this Chapter, such restrictions reference thereto should be indicated on the Final Plat and/or recorded Trust Indenture.
q. Zoning District and Zoning District boundary line when Property is located in more than one (1) Zoning District.
r. Accurately note elevation referring to mean U.S.G.S. datum for permanent benchmark.
s. All remaining common ground is to be platted with the recording of the final Lot, unit, or phase of the development.
8. No Final Plat shall be submitted to the Board, until the Subdivider has provided the Director with the following documents as they may be applicable:
a. All required submissions under Section 440.110(B)(3) in the form acceptable to the City.
b. Street lighting contract from applicable utility company. Submittal of contract is optional and is to be accepted in lieu of an increased value for escrow of actual construction costs.
c. Verification of location of fire hydrants and adequacy of water supply from applicable fire district.
d. The latest tax certificate or copy of paid tax bill from the office of the St. Louis County Collector of Revenue.
e. Any special study or engineering calculations required.
f. Letter from MSD certifying connection fees have been paid.
g. Documentation from Corps of Engineers and/or other local, state, or federal agencies indicating all applicable permits have been obtained and notice submitted.

Review Procedure.
1. The Board shall have approval authority over Final Plats.
2. If no action is taken within sixty (60) days of submittal of a Final Plat in accordance with this Section, the Board shall notify the Subdivider in writing the reason for the extended time to review such application.

Final Plat Approval.
1. Once final approval is granted, the Subdivider shall submit one (1) copy of the approved Final Plat drawn in permanent black ink on mylar to the Community Development Department in addition to two (2) paper copies. The Final Plat(s) shall be signed by the Chairman of the Commission and the City Clerk. However, no Final Plat(s)s shall be signed until all conditions of approval have been met. One (1) paper copy of the signed Plat and (1) Mylar shall be returned to the Subdivider. The Community Development Department shall maintain one (1) paper copy and associated documents on file.
2. The Subdivider shall be responsible for recording the Final Plat with the Recorder of Deeds within sixty (60) days after the signing of the Final Plat and return two (2) paper copies of the Recorded Plat to the City. If any Recorded Plat is not filed within this period, the approval shall expire.
3. The recording of the Final Plat will permit only the conveyance of the approved Lots. No building permit or certificate of occupancy shall be issued except in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 435, Article I.
Application Materials
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Subdivision Final Plat Application Packet