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Establishing "OT-4" Districts
Procedure To Establish.
1. The "OT-4" District shall be designed as a whole, unified, single project. The owner of any Lot in an existing "OT" District may submit to the Board a Site Plan of the Property for the purpose of providing an integrated design and appropriate locations for/of Buildings, landscaping, accessways, and Off-Street Parking Areas.
2. The Site Plan shall be referred to the Commission for study and report during a public meeting and shall be filed in such manner and accompanied by payment of such fee as provided in Addendum A.
3. The Commission shall consider such plan with particular regard to the City's Comprehensive Development Plan, the effect upon traffic, congestion, and fire hazards, the character of the neighborhood, the distances between Building and Yard limitations for their aesthetic value to the community, whether such proposed plan would overtax public facilities and utilities, and the general welfare of the community.
4. The Commission shall report thereon to the Board within sixty (60) days of notification, or if no report within said time, the Board may take action without awaiting said report.
5. The Board shall conduct a Public Hearing to consider the "OT-4" District with particular regard to the criteria mentioned above and hereafter mentioned in this Section and, after such Public Hearing, may take such action as it believes to be in the best interests of the City. The Board may, if it finds it to be in the best interest of the orderly development of the City, provide for certain Single-Family or Two-Family Dwellings to be included in said plan, subject to all regulations herein contained.
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